Ethically Manufactured

The hands that work with us behind the scenes are important to us and we take pride in the value they bring to make our designs a reality. We only partner with manufacturers who pay their workers more than just a minimum living wage. We ensure that no workers are exploited as part of our manufacturing and production both in Australia and Italy.

The Duo Behind the Brand

Malkia was a childhood dream realized by partners Mattia Fichera and Shiddy Mwinyi. Mattia with his rich Italian heritage, and Shiddy with her vibrant Kenyan roots, met in Australia and teamed up as a power duo to create a fashion house that empowers women of diverse culture to channel the queen in them.

The Duo Behind the Brand

Malkia was created by a power duo Mattia Fichera, Italian and Shiddy Mwinyi, Kenyan who met in Australia and partnered on the brand. Malkia is a beautiful mix of different cultures. It is therefore important for us to create clothing made for every woman across every race , every culture, every size and every continent. Help us help you unleash your inner queen

Social Responsibility

Malkia commits to donate 1% of every purchase made to a charity organization in Kenya which helps children complete their education--thanks to you.